Coordinated Process (NWB/NIRB)

The NWB and the NIRB Detailed Coordinated Process Framework (DCPF or Framework) is designed to capitalize on potential efficiencies that could be achieved for any predetermined project proposal proceeding through the relevant regulatory stages in Nunavut.  Under the DCPF, a proponent is allowed to concurrently submit the informational requirements for both the NIRB review process and the NWB water licensing process in a manner that minimizes duplication and engages the water licensing process during the NIRB review process rather than after the NIRB review is completed.  It should be noted that while the DCPF may assist in streamlining the information required and timelines associated with the overall review process for a particular project proposal, it does not anticipate a joint review process or a joint hearing process by the NIRB and the NWB at the current time nor does it eliminate the specific process requirements of either NIRB or the NWB.

The initial version of the DCPF was released in September 2009 while the first iteration of the document was released in April 2013. Both versions draw significantly on Article 13.6.1 of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement as the foundation for coordination between the NIRB, NWB as well as potentially the NPC with respect to the review and processing of project proposals. 

A proponent intending to have a project proposal reviewed in accordance with DCPF must submit separate formal correspondence to the NWB and NIRB requesting coordination. Following internal consultations between the NWB and the NIRB, the proponent will be informed in writing as to whether coordination may be possible for that particular project.  While the NWB and NIRB may endeavour to consider all requests for coordination, there may be situations where coordination may not be possible due to timelines and workload related issues.

NWB - NIRB Coordinated Process Cooperation Agreement